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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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about being robbed even as police were just a block away at there crime scene. >> i had to come into the store just a few minutes ago. i didn't know if she was going to rob me or steal or what. that's why i locked my door because i was afraid. >> unit 500. you said the two victims, was one shot? or two of them were shot? >> one of them was shot and the other one was robbed. both of them was robbed. another one was shot. >> reporter: these dramatic moments. despite this morning's violence, overall crime is down in newark. there are more cops on the street this summer. >> they say they're out there, but we don't see them. >> we had 115 police officers out here. as a result of that, that's why we were able to make an
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apprehension today. >> reporter: a majority of the six are jooufrl uveniles. >> i try to be at work most of the time. >> education, that's the only way. book.. keep reading. >> we need jobs. we need jobs. >> reporter: the mayor is fully aware of the challenges facing his city as past mayors have been as well. just a few minutes ago, he put out a news release saying there will be a ribbon-cutting parade at jimmy john's downtown sandwich shop. >> thank you. now to the hot weather and it is official. we are in heat wave. we hit 90 degrees in central park just before 2:00 p.m. today. raphael miranda is here with the latest.
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>> we have a few more days to get there. the hazy, hot, and humid weather outside continuing right now. you can see it is quiet. lots of sunshine from the hudson valley. we barely made it to 90, but we did make it in central park. that's three days in a row. newark 88 degrees. bridgeport 86. it was hot and it was muggy, so it was uncomfortable throughout much of the day. this streak continues. 54 days now in a row with temperatures at or above '0 degrees in central park. their old record was 41 days. it keeps going on and on. air quality alert still in effect for much of new jersey. all these counties shaded in gray, we have some extra pollution out there. take it easy. back to you. thanks so much. the nypd says a prisoner who escaped custody two days ago has
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been caught. police had been looking for tiffany newman since sunday night when she slipped out of her handcuffs and walked of new york presbyterian hospital. newman was captured this morning on the upper westside. the city's homeless problem has been making a lot of news lately. it only seems to be getting worse. >> today both the mayor and the police commissioner acknowledged public perception is correct. there are more homeless new yorkers and fresh concerns about how to help them. >> indeed. the administration has placed money towards trying to tackle this problem, even offering rent subsidies. the problem hasn't gone away. as you indicated, the mayor and the police commissioner acknowledging for the first time that public perception is on the money. there are more homeless new yorkers and now what to do about them. a growing homeless crisis has
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grabbed the attention of city leaders. >> the homg.eless population has been steadily increasing. it's not as if we had a big warehouse where we locked them up and let them out o the streets. >> reporter: 56,000 homeless in city shelters. an estimated 3,000-plus living on the streets. >> i think there is both a perception and a reality problem. >> reporter: mayor de blasio's entire conversation on the radio today centered on homelessness. >> numbe in shelters have remained very high. they would have gotten higher if not for the efforts from people in this administration and beyond. >> i want to play you a clip of mayor giuliani. he spoke on channel 4 the other day. >> and you chase them and you chase them and you chase them. and either they get the treatment they need or you chase them out of the city. >> we don't chase human beings
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who are in crisis. we try to address their problems and get them the help they need and get them off the streets. >> i have spent the bulk of my career trying to work on behalf of the poor. >> reporter: the deputy mayor liliam barrio-pioli resigned this week as what many see as a shakeup of the city's homeless approach. affordable atartments can counseoing on site, the catch? it's expensive. >> governor cuomo and his administration are the ones who control those pursestrings. when we didn't have adequate funding, part of that blame is on the governor as well. >> a spokeswoman for the governor says the state has made an unprecedented $1 billion commitment for homeless funding, but
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but the mayor wants them to pay more. pope francis takes a new stand on forgiving abortion that's surprising catholics all over the world. remember the salt shed fire along the side of the new york throughway. how much it is going to cost taxpayers to replace.
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well, this massive fire at the new york city throughway facility in westchester will cost the state $1 million to rebuild. the salt shed in largemont was destroyed.
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the shed is critical to the throughway operations. a long island church treasurer surrendered to place this morning. he was the former treasurer of holy trinity orthodox church. he stole $36,000. >> my understanding is that he was an upstanding congre gant gant of that church for many, many years. there was shock, tremendous disappointment. >> if he's convicted, he faces up to seven years from prison. he is due back in court later this month. coming up, nine months after it was fir seen with an arrow through its head, an amazing update on this new jersey deer. first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight.
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lester holt jns us now wike a look at what's ahead. >> we have a fascinating and troubling look at how climate change is effecting t amerioan arctic. cynthia mcfadden had spent a lot of time out there looking. she says some of these natives will become some of america's first climate change refugees. >> so many things have been connected to climate change, the western droughts, the melt of the glaciers. how is it effecting the population there? >> the ice has now melted as the climate changes. they're losing inches and feet of their community. >> all right. >> thank you very much. now to the stunning new stance on abortion from pope francis.
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>> today the pope said he'll allow all roman catholic priests to absolve all women of abortions they repent. the pope has given priests permission to absolve the sin during the church's year of mercy. >> i think it's generous of him, but i still think it's the woman's choice to do what they want to do. >> i believe in forgiveness. i think it's the only way forward. >> here in new york, cardinal dolan says priests have had the discretion to forgive abortion for decades. it is considered a moral sin by the catholic church those who seek it are usually ex.communicated. the year of mercy runs through this december 8th through november 20th of next year. >> no trip here is complete without a tour of central park. the pontiff will travel through the park before his mass at madison square garden on september 25th.
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you can snag tickets through lottery on his website. winners are going to be notified next week. when the pope comes this september, you would expect the restaurants to pull out all the stops. a manhattan pizzeria has whipped up a brand-new pie especially made for his holiness. >> pope francis, this is for you and welcome to new york. >> welcome. >> reporter: steps from union square, this is the restaurant on 12th. and this is the owner. >> living in new york, catholic by birth, by dna i guess. it's very exciting. >> reporter: he is originally from naples, italy. so a few months ago, when us one of his friends back home took a leap of faith, it was an inspiration.
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his friends became an instant internet sensation by hoping the barricade and handing a pizza right to pope francis, who accepted with a smile. >> you know what you did. you gave me a great idea. >> reporter: we we there as rosario face timed his friend for a pope pep talk. >> you gave him the pizza right there in front of your restaurant, right? >> reporter: he's a pizza man on a mission. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we're going to add the yellow tomato, the buffalo cheese. you see more of the yellow and the white, which are the color of the vatican. >> reporter: it's more than just a gimmick. >> we decided to donate part of the proceedings we get from this
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pizza to a nonprofit organization here in new york that helped to fight anger in new york city. >> reporter: however you slice it, this pizza and its mission inspired by the pope. near union square, news 4 new york. >> what a pizza. i'm getting hundred ing ting ing ting hungry now. for complete details on the pope's visit to new york, head to a blessing for a deer that's been roaming around new jersey for months with an arrow stuck in his head. state wildlife experts removed the shaft of the arrow this morning. the deer, which is believed to be 3 or 4 years old, is in good health and was released back into the wild.
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how do you spell relief? cool. >> we'll get a little bit of that relief on friday. it's mini relief, though. nothing major. temperatures in the 80s instead of the 90s and lower humidity. it is still going to be hot regardless any way you slice it over the next few days. from the top of the rock, that haze is there. it is a very summery scene. 84 degrees, mostly sunny. it is a little muggy as well. it's a heat wave now. we hit 90 degrees in central park three days in a row. the hottest is still yet to come. yesterday felt brutal. it's going to feel even worse as we head into thursday. we have a little bit of relief coming our way as we head into labor day week. we have sunshine all around the region. temperatures still very warm, especially away from the ocean. 84 for you in mine hill. mid 80s in oakland. sea breeze cools off very nicely in the hamptons and montauk.
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70s. 79 down the shore in long branch. near 90 still in morristown. get ready to deal with the heat again on wednesday. temperatures starting out in the mid 70s. back to the 80s by lunchtime. temperatures around the upper 80s through the day. i think it is going to be one or two degrees cooler than it was today. it's going to be another hot night for tennis. temperatures in the low 80s throughout the matches. this is 9:00 tonight. mostly clear skies. not much going on tonight. it's a quiet night ahead. tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. sunshine and clouds. a muggy start to your day. we're dealing with one or two hit or miss showers later on tomorrow afternoon. temperatures sizzling back to the upper 80s. we need the rain. it's been very dry and hot.
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no real rain in sight. 75 overnight tonight. 89 for tomorrow. another hot and humid day. we've got big holiday weekend coming up for labor day. the heat stays with us. 93 on thursday. bunch there. high humidity as well. then a cold front gives us that reyblief into friday. those temperatures are down to the mid 80s. lower humidity. it's comfortable heading into labor day holiday week. we're back into the 90s early next week. yeah, this just goes on and on. >> all right. thank you very much. rosters are expanding in major league baseball. if you're hungry, better get in line early. look who's back. steven matz. just when will he pitch? jamie love stepped on the court for the u.s. open. look who was watching her in the
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stands. that's next here on news "news 4 new york at 6:00."
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the calendar has flipped to september. the met's magic number is 26. if you thought they would have the lowest magic number in the national league on september 1st, you'd be lying. he took flushing by storm in his first two starts before being shut down with a lat injury. he threw a rehab start for bing binghamton last night. the health issue. we think he's going to be okay. we think he's fine.
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i think he's going to be fine. i think his stuff speaks for itself. i haven't seen him in his last two starts, but everybody says he's ready to go. yankees are in boston again. an mri on mark teixeira's bone bruise shows it was more severe than was thought. he's going to be down for an extended period of time. eight men have retired over the first two days at the u.s. open because of the heat. check out the jumping overhand smash by the two-time champ. federer cruised into the second round. jamie lowe played her first match as a professional today. what a thrill for lowe with all eyes on her at arthur ashe stadium, including derek jeter. the captain in the house to
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watch some tennis. she hung tough in the first set. unleashes some serious backhands. still a great experience for lobe. i caught up with her after the match. >> did you allow yourself a moment or two to kind of look up in the stands and let it sink? >> i did. sometimes on the changeovers i looked up. i saw derek jeter was there today. that was pretty awesome because i'm a yankees fan. >> did you know he was going to be there or did you almost do a double check? >> i did a double check. i'm happy. he kind of knows who i am now. >> she watched jeter all her life. now he got a chance to watch her perform. coming up next, the latest on that manhunt after the killing of a chicago police officer. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at
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11:00. good night. developing news tonight. a massive manhunt as a veteran police officer is gunned down. a trio of cop killers on the loose, armed, dangerous, and desperate. lockdown. fears they could be hiding anywhere. forgiving abortion. the pope takes the world by surprise ahead of his historic visit to the u.s. his powerful message tonight to women and to the church. the vanishing. happening near the top of the world. our team on an extraordinary journey to a place that is rapidly disappearing. families bracing to flee what could be the first american refugees of climate change. and hidden treasure. as one of the world's great mysteries finally been solved? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt."
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good evening. in what has already been an especially perilous year for law enforcement, the shooting death of a police officer in illinois today touched off a massive man tunt in the air and on the ground. it happened well north of chicago in the community of fox lake. the veteran police lieutenant was shot during a foot chase and was found stripped of his weapon. schools were locked down and people told to stay indoors as police swarmed the area in search of the suspects. it comes as police fatalities nationally from all causes are rising dramatically. nbc's john yang is near the scene in fox lake with late details. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground a massive intensive manhunt for the killers of a veteran police officer. s.w.a.t. teams, canine units all closely searching nearby wooded areas, local businesses and homes. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. >> they're being described as two male whites and one male black. we have the evidence processing at the scene, and we have the
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investigation into exactly what occurred here today. >> shots were fired. >> reporter: authorities say the officer was on routine patrol and radioed on suspicious activity. he was on a foot pursuit when lost. moments later backup arrived. they found the officer pepper spray gone. the officer, charles j. gliniewicz, was a 32-year veteran of law enforcement, a husband and father of four sons. >> residents here knew him as g.i. joe and remember him as someone deeply committed to fox lake. >> reporter: his death a scene that has become all too familiar. this year alone, 84 officers have been killed in the line of duty. that's up 15% compared to this time last year. >> the agencies were trying to caution their officers to be more aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: at s the manhunt in fox lake continued commuter trains were shut down, schools on lockdown and a warning issued
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for residents. >> please be on the


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